Friday, July 21, 2017

Small Wonders

Sorry for the paucity of posts lately.  I have been busy doing a hundred jobs around the "farm", as well as working a lot more than I have for a while.  L and I have taken a couple of little trips, and done some projects as well.  I also have to take J to work every morning, and then pick her up in the evening.

I am so pleased that J is thoroughly enjoying her job at the Library.  She tells us little stories every day about people she meets, or other things that happen.  I think she will be getting paid today...first paycheck ever!

I have been working on:

-Cleaning out both sides of the chicken house
-Switching the laying hens and the pullets to opposite sides
-More canning
-Weeding and clearing in the garden (we have tomatoes, cucumbers & zucchini now!)
-Pruning, weeding and composting around my ornamental trees & shrubs
-Weeding and dead-heading in my flower garden

There have been some tiny, beautiful nuggets that have made the past couple of weeks seem less like drudgery and more like a miracle.

My flower garden has been a profusion of color.

Russian Sage, Black-Eyed Susan, Mums, Gladiolus,
Purple Cone Flower, Queen Anne's Lace, Butterfly
 Bush & Lemon Verbena

I am not the only one who has been enjoying them either...

L and I decided to add a bit more color to the propane tank by adding Lady Bugs.  She did most of them by herself.

L and I loaded up the bikes and drove north to our favorite park this week.  We rode the trails, played on the zip line, ate a picnic lunch, and waded in the creek.

The small wonder here is my lovely girl...

...she was inside of this huge hollow tree.  Last year
it was still alive, but sadly it no longer is.
One of my favorite miracles is my balloon flower.  I love this plant!  It always makes me smile, and adds some lovely cool hues to my flower garden.

This weekend, the girls and I are taking a day trip to visit my 101 year old Grandma, who is a small wonder herself.  J named her "Tiny Grandmom" when she was just a tiny tike herself.  I am not looking forward to 6 hours of driving, but it will be worth it to see her again.

Finally, let me add this link.  These are movie reviews done in Haiku style.  I love it!

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