Monday, July 31, 2017

Rain Drops Keep Fallin'

It has rained or been unseasonably cool for most of last week.  It kept us out of the pool, and made it difficult to accomplish outside projects.  I did manage to paint these doors, partly because they are protected under the roof:

They were meant to be green originally, but at the last minute, our builder informed us that the colored doors have to be ordered 6 weeks in advance, and at the time, we needed doors ASAP.  So...9 years in, they are finally green!

JP and I took our yearly Anniversary trip to the city - celebrating 26 years this year!

They had a Pickle festival on the bridge just outside our Hotel, with vendors and live music, so we checked it out.

We had a fantastic steak dinner, with complimentary dessert.

In the morning, we woke early, and wandered about the Strip District, and made purchases at the Cheese Store and the Oriental Store.

Saturday was Rain Day in our town, so the girls and I ventured in to check out the festivities and to share a funnel cake.  After about 1 1/2 inches of rain that day, the skies were blue and lovely when we strolled through town.

I stopped to let the girls play on the statue for Union Soldiers near the University.  They used to play on this with their babysitters while I was working in the University Student Health...back in the day.

On Sunday, we got the weekly mowing done, and then JP grilled BBQ ribs for dinner while the girls played in the pool.

It was a busy, but fabulous weekend!

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