Monday, May 8, 2017

May Showers and Flowers

The sun is finally showing itself after a week of rain.  There was a frost warning last night, so I covered my strawberries.  We didn't get frost, but it was COLD this morning!  I was worried about my little recovering chickens during the cold night, because it is difficult to keep the Egg Cart'n warm inside.

They did fine overnight.  It has now been a week since I put my Tractor Supply chicks in their own quarters for daily nursing care.  They are doing much better, and starting to re-grow some new feathers.  The wounds are still healing.

While  I was out uncovering plants this morning, I took the time to take pictures of my flowers.  They look so pretty in the sunshine!

These are my 'Nelly Moser' and 'Wildfire' Clematis.
I also have a red 'Earnest Markham' one, but it has
never bloomed!
My grandma's Purple Iris (you cannot possibly
kill this one), Salvia 'May Night', and some
Solomon Seal behind the Iris.
My large flower bed has Iris (Grandma's Purple, and
some yellow ones), several colors of Columbine,
Lamb's Ears, Yarrow & Bee Balm (not yet
blooming), and 'Sorbet' Peony.  The Lupine will bloom
soon, as will my other Peonies:  'Sarah Barnhardt',
and another that will bloom this year for the first time.

This is my stone wall shade garden:  I have 3 varieties of
bleeding hearts, and 'Tiramisu' Coral Bells, as well
as some garden mint.

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