Saturday, May 27, 2017

I'm THIS Close to Crazy

There have been an insane number of things going on in the past week.  J visited Fallingwater with the rest of the 8th Grade, and she sang 3 solos in front of a packed house at the local Sandwich shop at an Open Mic the other night.  L had her last ever Art Day at school (all art, all day, fun, fun, fun!)  I spent 2 hours before work on Thursday, and all day Friday at the Elementary School helping out with said Art Day for the last time.  Just to name a few...
Meanwhile, back at the ranch, I forgot to mention that they finally took the well rig away a couple of weeks ago!

New things are blooming in the flower beds.

These peonies are currently blooming.

The Creeping Thyme and Yarrow are in bloom as well.
The pullets are getting bigger all the time.  Here they are next to my old ladies.

Sadly, we've had a few casualties with the TSC chicks.  They are ENORMOUS, which makes me think that they are broiling chickens, and not layers.  In any case, 2 of my cockerels have developed large, fluid filled sacks in their chests that hang down to their scrawny chicken knees.  One has since expired.  Another one appears to have dislocated his hip today, so I suppose we will be eating him soon.
Speaking of good eats, the strawberries are in full force.  I have picked about 2 gallons of them.  There is nothing better for breakfast than homemade Greek yogurt on a bed of homegrown strawberries, and topped with homemade chocolate-peanut granola!

I've been letting J's rabbit run around with the chickens.  He has a grand old time!  You can tell that it's high time that we mow in the chicken run.

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