Sunday, April 16, 2017

Spring Break

This year, JP managed to get time off during the girls' Spring Break - and miraculously we had the entire scheduled break off because of no snow make-up days.  At the last minute, we threw together a Rock-N-Roll Spring Break for the girls.

We started it off with a trip to Wheeling to see a Beatles tribute band (Classical Mystery Tour) that played with the Wheeling Symphony.  We got really great seats, and really reasonable rates, and had a fun time!

"Paul" and "George"
A day later, we drove up to Cleveland.
The girls by Lake Erie

There we visited the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum.

There we saw more Beatles,

and some of this,

and MJ's glove,

and a bit of that.
ZZ Top's drum kit

It was fun too.

We got home last night, and had our Easter Egg hunt in the barn today due to rain. 

It has been a really nice break, with lots of down time, as well as some work and long over due appointments.  JP saw his retinal specialist, who told him that the poor vision in his "bad" eye is now due to a cataract (an expected complication of his past surgery.)  I have another appointment tomorrow, and we are expecting our friend, C, to spend the day with us.  L has been working on her Science Fair Project, and it hasn't been working - she is starting a new experiment now.

On Tuesday, it will be back to work and school, with no more breaks until Memorial Day - right before the end.   Sigh...hopefully the Rock-N-Roll memories carry us through!

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