Sunday, April 30, 2017

Gonna Be Startin' Somethin'...

I have several projects in various stages of completion.

I finished painting the trim around the windows and doors of the Chicken House.  We also created a run for the pullets (and cockerels), and they have been spending some time out of doors every day.

I pressure washed the propane tank, and started spray painting it with grey primer/rustoleum.  I am planning to decorate it this summer, so this is the first stage of the project.

JP brought this tractor tire up the hill this evening.  Ages ago, someone dumped it in our creek down below, and I am going to recycle it as an herb garden, just a few steps from the kitchen door.

I also have stain purchased to paint the tree house, which is looking rather bedraggled lately.

In the meantime, L had a project of her own going.  Thursday evening was her Science Fair, so she displayed her electromagnet.

Friday a week ago was J's final middle school chorus concert.  She and her bestie sang a duet, and kept it a secret from me until I sat down at the concert and read the program!  They sang "For Good" from the musical, Wicked, and did a lovely job.  The girls are continuing to get compliments from the general public!  I will try to post it here if I can manage it.


We have had heavy thunderstorms, and then beautiful sunshine this weekend.  I spent a couple of hours walking through the woods this afternoon, looking for morels.  I didn't find a single one!

The peas are up, and Monday begins the final month of school...oh thank goodness!

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