Thursday, April 20, 2017


The chicks are in that awkward, gangly, pre-pubescent stage, with tiny feathers sticking out all over, except on their fuzzy little heads.  I am becoming more and more sure that some of my "bonus chicks" are actually roosters.

Little by little, I managed to get all the weeds out of my Moss Bed.  I sat on the rocks on my butt for hours to get that done.

L and JP worked for several hours over break on her Science Fair Project.  Unfortunately all the work was futile...they were unable to nudge any power out of a pile of potatoes.  At the last minute, she decided to switch to an electromagnet, and it works like a charm.

Math homework is driving me crazy this week.  It's actually making me weary.  6 more weeks of math, people!

This time of year is actually beautiful - it's my favorite time of year, when everything comes alive again.

I harvested a handful of asparagus and of rhubarb from the garden this afternoon.

Here's my field of baby clover:

My new bleeding heart (and my new favorite) is blooming for the first time:

The Redbud and Dogwoods are gorgeous in the woods:

And it just rained, so everything is clean and shiny:

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