Thursday, March 2, 2017

Surviving February

JP came home with a bouquet of flowers for me last night.  "For surviving February!" he said.

To be honest, February was not that big of a deal this year!  The weather has been mild.  The snowfall has been manageable and hasn't lasted long.  The extreme cold has been tempered by warmer, sunny days.  We will probably pay for this kind of February later in the year (for instance, I don't think the winter was cold enough to kill ticks, as we are continuing to see people with deer tick exposure, which is unusual.)

I think the bigger issue right now is surviving the transition into March!  After the 2+ inches of rainfall and flooding and tornado warnings yesterday, the wind kicked into high gear last night.  I woke multiple times during the night to hear it absolutely howling outside.  This morning I discovered that the roof and one door of my garden shed blew off, AND the entire thing blew over!

I worked on it this morning.  It had been sinking into the ground where it was placed, so I decided to put a layer of gravel underneath before replacing it.  I scavenged this by raking it out of the grass up by the barn (finders= keepers, right?)  I had to "repair" the door by sticking a giant bolt down through the hole that was left when the pin broke off, and I used a carabineer to latch the roof to the doors.  I also replaced the 2 big rocks that I keep on the lid to keep it from blowing off (doesn't work when the gusts get over 40 mph I guess!)

There was snow blowing around this morning, but in the meantime...

And this afternoon, I planted 72 plants for the garden:  tomatoes, peppers, squash, cucumbers and herbs.

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