Sunday, March 26, 2017

Planting Time

It is time to get out in the garden and plant my peas!  Ideally I would have done it this weekend, but my back was still hurting from raking gravel out of the grass on Thursday afternoon, and I have learned to give myself time to recover instead of making things worse.

We also had friends from out of town, who stayed over night this weekend.  It was fun to catch up again with JP's college roommate and family.

As winter has finally been winding down, I have been trying to finish up my indoor activities.  I made a cover for JP's recliner.

Stella has scratched at the seat so much, that it is almost worn through.

JP and I also undertook a project that ended up taking many more hours than anticipated.  We went from 12 shelves packed with DVDs like this:

To this:

We found an app that allowed us to scan the movies in to a database using the UPC symbols on the back.  Then we pulled all the discs from the plastic containers to sleeves, which we sorted alphabetically and labeled.  I wonder how long things will stay this way?

In the meantime, we have 8 more shelves to fill with books!

I hope to plant clover in the old chicken pasture tomorrow, and possibly, just possibly...broadfork a couple of garden beds for the peas.

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