Wednesday, March 29, 2017

For Reals

It seems that Spring has finally come for reals. 

The other thing that came today was my new peeps - they are super cute!

The number of things blooming and growing is increasing exponentially, and includes some things that I thought might not do so because of the late freezes:

- forsythia
-ornamental pears
-weeping cherries
-apricots in orchard

The rhubarb is up in the garden, but no asparagus yet.  Also no peas planted...YET.

The Spring Peepers are peeping with such gusto that we can hear them all the way up on top of our hill from down at the creek.

The "Bee Man" was here to open up the hives this afternoon.  He said that all 5 hives made it through the winter, and they look "really strong" (not exactly sure what that means!)

I planted clover in the old chicken pasture, so that we can cycle the hens back over there once it is growing well.

I must go open some windows...

Happy Spring!

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