Monday, March 13, 2017

And So It Continues...

Well, we are continuing to have more of a winter since March began than all the rest of the winter.

The girls had 2 days off for Teacher In-Service last week, so we had a 4 day weekend.  Even JP took Friday off...and it was a good thing he did, too.  We woke to this:

Over two inches of snow covering everything!

L and I spent a couple of hours playing outside on Friday.  We built this little snowman down in the window well of her bedroom window.

The temperatures dipped as well.  We have had daytime highs in the high 20's to low 30's and overnight temps in the teens all weekend.  Tonight they are calling for a blizzard dropping 3-6 inches on our area.  (Just a few miles east, they are forecasting 8-12 inches!)  The girls' teachers have already told them that there will probably be no school tomorrow.


In the meantime, we girls have all gone shopping for new dresses for an upcoming wedding.  Interestingly enough, we all picked blue ones.

It's time to go put the snowplow back on the tractor.

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