Wednesday, March 29, 2017

For Reals

It seems that Spring has finally come for reals. 

The other thing that came today was my new peeps - they are super cute!

The number of things blooming and growing is increasing exponentially, and includes some things that I thought might not do so because of the late freezes:

- forsythia
-ornamental pears
-weeping cherries
-apricots in orchard

The rhubarb is up in the garden, but no asparagus yet.  Also no peas planted...YET.

The Spring Peepers are peeping with such gusto that we can hear them all the way up on top of our hill from down at the creek.

The "Bee Man" was here to open up the hives this afternoon.  He said that all 5 hives made it through the winter, and they look "really strong" (not exactly sure what that means!)

I planted clover in the old chicken pasture, so that we can cycle the hens back over there once it is growing well.

I must go open some windows...

Happy Spring!

Sunday, March 26, 2017

Planting Time

It is time to get out in the garden and plant my peas!  Ideally I would have done it this weekend, but my back was still hurting from raking gravel out of the grass on Thursday afternoon, and I have learned to give myself time to recover instead of making things worse.

We also had friends from out of town, who stayed over night this weekend.  It was fun to catch up again with JP's college roommate and family.

As winter has finally been winding down, I have been trying to finish up my indoor activities.  I made a cover for JP's recliner.

Stella has scratched at the seat so much, that it is almost worn through.

JP and I also undertook a project that ended up taking many more hours than anticipated.  We went from 12 shelves packed with DVDs like this:

To this:

We found an app that allowed us to scan the movies in to a database using the UPC symbols on the back.  Then we pulled all the discs from the plastic containers to sleeves, which we sorted alphabetically and labeled.  I wonder how long things will stay this way?

In the meantime, we have 8 more shelves to fill with books!

I hope to plant clover in the old chicken pasture tomorrow, and possibly, just possibly...broadfork a couple of garden beds for the peas.

Monday, March 13, 2017

And So It Continues...

Well, we are continuing to have more of a winter since March began than all the rest of the winter.

The girls had 2 days off for Teacher In-Service last week, so we had a 4 day weekend.  Even JP took Friday off...and it was a good thing he did, too.  We woke to this:

Over two inches of snow covering everything!

L and I spent a couple of hours playing outside on Friday.  We built this little snowman down in the window well of her bedroom window.

The temperatures dipped as well.  We have had daytime highs in the high 20's to low 30's and overnight temps in the teens all weekend.  Tonight they are calling for a blizzard dropping 3-6 inches on our area.  (Just a few miles east, they are forecasting 8-12 inches!)  The girls' teachers have already told them that there will probably be no school tomorrow.


In the meantime, we girls have all gone shopping for new dresses for an upcoming wedding.  Interestingly enough, we all picked blue ones.

It's time to go put the snowplow back on the tractor.

Thursday, March 9, 2017


I picked this colorful bouquet out of the front yard this afternoon.

It is all of the flags put out by the telephone and electric companies to mark the buried lines back in November.  Since the well people officially hooked up the new well to our running water this afternoon, I figured that it was finally safe to remove them.

They are promising to return on Monday to remove the drill rig, the ditch digger, and various and sundry equipment.  They plan to collect water at that time to test the quality, and I assume that they will deliver the bill at that time as well.

Saturday, March 4, 2017

One More Time

The newly arrived March had one more trick up her sleeve!  This is what it looked like yesterday morning:

It warmed up again today, although it's still icy down by the spring.

Hopefully all of my budding things didn't freeze too badly!

Thursday, March 2, 2017

Surviving February

JP came home with a bouquet of flowers for me last night.  "For surviving February!" he said.

To be honest, February was not that big of a deal this year!  The weather has been mild.  The snowfall has been manageable and hasn't lasted long.  The extreme cold has been tempered by warmer, sunny days.  We will probably pay for this kind of February later in the year (for instance, I don't think the winter was cold enough to kill ticks, as we are continuing to see people with deer tick exposure, which is unusual.)

I think the bigger issue right now is surviving the transition into March!  After the 2+ inches of rainfall and flooding and tornado warnings yesterday, the wind kicked into high gear last night.  I woke multiple times during the night to hear it absolutely howling outside.  This morning I discovered that the roof and one door of my garden shed blew off, AND the entire thing blew over!

I worked on it this morning.  It had been sinking into the ground where it was placed, so I decided to put a layer of gravel underneath before replacing it.  I scavenged this by raking it out of the grass up by the barn (finders= keepers, right?)  I had to "repair" the door by sticking a giant bolt down through the hole that was left when the pin broke off, and I used a carabineer to latch the roof to the doors.  I also replaced the 2 big rocks that I keep on the lid to keep it from blowing off (doesn't work when the gusts get over 40 mph I guess!)

There was snow blowing around this morning, but in the meantime...

And this afternoon, I planted 72 plants for the garden:  tomatoes, peppers, squash, cucumbers and herbs.

Wednesday, March 1, 2017

In Like a Lion...

March washed in this morning in a BIG way!  There was over 1 1/4 inches of rainfall since midnight when I left this AM to drive North for Voice Therapy.  The creek across the road was high - I stopped and took a picture of it.

While I was gone, they dismissed school early due to flooding, and had a tornado watch, during which the girls sat in the basements of their respective schools for 30 minutes, and my Mom sat in the basement of the Doctor's Office!

I returned after therapy, and getting an alignment at Firestone (Lifetime Alignments - it's a great deal!)...about 2 1/2 hours (and over an inch of rain) later.  The creek looked like this:

The girls had slogged part way up the hill while I was sitting at the bottom waiting for the bus.  (So sorry, girlies!)

I wish I would have waited to scrub all the blood off the veranda out back.  Ernie tore his ear on something - probably the vicious sticker bushes in the woods, and bled all over EVERYTHING out there.  I could have just swept it off all with the puddles today...had I waited.

In the meantime, the Autoshop found my registration stuck to the tire of another vehicle that was in the shop at the same time, and we discovered that Ole Bessie had some rather necessary work that needed done before she would pass.  I've now spent almost $500 just to get her to that point.

L won her final Basketball game, but there is some big tournament this weekend, lasting from Friday night until Sunday that she is supposed to be a part of.  Hooray.

Gotta's time to round up the troupes and head in for groceries and guitar lessons.

Enjoy the new month, and stay dry.