Friday, February 24, 2017


Thank goodness that today marks the end of a long and stressful week.  Today was no exception, much to my dismay.

Here is a run down:

1.  Last Friday the autoshop that passed Old Bessie's state inspection last year, would not do it this year because of a cracked windshield (also present last year.)

2.  Monday the windshield replacement tech refused to replace the windshield because he was "concerned" about rust in the frame which could prevent him from "legally" replacing the windshield.  This is interesting because Bessie has very little rust anywhere.

3.  Called auto body shop to get estimate for repairing rust around window frame, he was unable to do so without "seeing the damage".  I don't want to put too much more money into this 28 year old truck!

4.  Different windshield company sent a tech out today, who replaced the windshield without problems.  (And by the way, I didn't see a single spot of rust when the cracked windshield was removed.)

5.  Stella has been waking me multiple times a night x 2 nights, whining and clawing at her kennel.  I think she's hot because it's 76* in the house and she has 2+ inches of winter fluff.

6.  Not sure if she's tired, or bored, or a combination, but she scratched more fabric off JP's chair twice in the past 2 days.

7.  Today I hacked off most of her fluff and gave her a bath.

8.  I got a tetanus shot on Wednesday, and my arm still hurts!

9.  Nearly didn't make it home from appointment with Speech Therapist in next big city North because of tractor trailer overturned on interstate.  Luckily was able to get around mess at a crawl.

10.  Have worked 2 afternoons on cutting down savage sticker bushes that are threatening to crawl onto our driveway.  Consequently my arms and face look like I have the measles from being stabbed.

11.  Thought they were done drilling well at 340 feet as they dropped casing and pump, but they pulled it out the next day & replaced it, and have been out just running water for a couple of days.  Progress seems to have stalled.

12.  Now there is a ditch digger in addition to the drilling rig in our front yard.

13.  L had field trip and end of season Basketball party on the same day.

14.  Took the Subaru in for State Inspection today & 3 out of 4 tires didn't pass.  Called tire shop and told that warranty was void even though they were only 1 1/2 years old because I could not produce proof of rotations and wear was not even.

15.  4 decent tires supposedly in stock at autoshop were no where to be found, after refusing no-name cheapo tires, they found some 40 minutes away.

16.  Mom rescued me on the way home from her errands in town after I had been sitting in the waiting room of autoshop for 2 1/2 hours.

17.  Autoshop called 2 hours later to say they lost my registration and proof of insurance.

18.  Called DMV to find out how to get duplicate.  Was told by 2 different people that I could "go to Harrisburg."  Informed them that it is a 4 hour drive and my car was currently being held hostage by the autoshop.

19.  After 5 PM, autoshop finally released my car.  Girls and I piled into Ole Bessie and went to pick it up.  We got shamrock shakes at McDonalds before heading home.  It was the best part of my week!

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