Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Just a Trim, Please

It was so nice outside this morning, that despite all the things I SHOULD do, I went outside and puttered a bit in my flower beds.  There were a few plants that I neglected to dead head, as they were hiding past my weeping cherry tree.  And speaking of the weeping cherries, JP has been after me to trim them rather aggressively.  I have been dragging my feet because I like the way they look with their long, graceful branches trailing on the ground.  Nevertheless, I wielded the loppers and gave them quite a trim this morning.  In the process, I discovered 4 Praying Mantis cocoons on one of the trees.

I find these things quite marvelous, and I usually find a couple when I am clearing for the winter.  I actually found one on the asparagus that I cut down, and tucked it into the oregano for the winter...hope it's ok!

I'll try to remember to watch for hatching mantis-lets in the Spring and keep you posted!

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Victoria said...

Very cool! I didn't know they made those kinds of nests!