Wednesday, January 25, 2017

It Happened Again

I had another birthday over the weekend.  I can't seem to refrain from having one annually!  This time, one of my favorite presents was the fact that my good friend from college drove up from VA to visit!  We had a lot of fun and stayed up way too late...just like in the good old days.

L baked me a carrot cake, and made cream cheese icing pretty much on her own.  She did a great job - it was delicious!

It was lovely and Spring like again today (we get a day like this here and there between the rain showers, apparently we are not going to have much of a winter this year.)  I spent several hours shoveling out the chicken house, putting more leaves on the garden beds, and shoveling out the culverts on our driveway before the next round of rain storms.

Tonight, my back and elbow are feeling the effects of being middle aged and spending several hours shoveling things.


After checking all of the roosting hens with a flashlight this evening, and getting pecked & pooped on, it appears that I have marked all of them with color coded leg bands.  We will probably have a butchering/canning day here soon.  Survival of the fittest, baby.

I'm off to find some Advil and a heating pad.  Nighty night!