Saturday, December 17, 2016

Bring. It. On.

We got freezing rain overnight.  J stayed over at a friends' house, and L had a friend staying here.  Mid-morning we needed to make the switch - drop off  C, and pick up J.  We only had to travel a total of about 2 miles, but getting down the ice slick otherwise known as our driveway was the tricky part!

JP put the chains on the van, but after sliding a few feet down the drive, we decided to go off road, and drove down through our neighbors' field.  No problem.  Dropped off C, picked up J, tried to go up the driveway - no go.  Tried to go up the neighbors' field - no go.  We ended up parking at the bottom of the driveway and hiking up.  Good exercise!

We still didn't get water (due to the ice issue), so no cleaning or laundry happened.  JP caught rain/melting ice water off the barn roof that we are using to flush toilets.  We're managing!

Since we couldn't (and didn't need to) go anywhere today, I thought it was the perfect time to get the Christmas baking done.  For the past couple of years, we've only been making 4 varieties - we each pick one type.  That way we don't get inundated by cookies, plus we have a few to share!

Here is our assortment:

Counter-clockwise from upper left:  L picked Haystacks (peanut butter/butterscotch no bakes), J's choice was Chocolate Chip Mint Cookies, JP likes Chocolate Chip Surprise Cookies (there's a Hershey kiss in the middle), and I tried a new recipe from Cook's Illustrated called "Millionaire's Shortbread".  It might not look like a million bucks, but it tastes pretty doggone good!

So everything is done.  The decorations are up.  The presents (Christmas & Birthday) are wrapped.  The cards have been mailed.  The baking is finished.  The girls get out of school at 1:00 on Wednesday.

My surgery is first thing Thursday morning, and I won't come home until some time Friday.  Then I will have a little over a week to recover and everyone will be around to help out.  It's all good!


Victoria Williams said...

Feels good to have so much accomplished I bet! Icy roads are the worst!

Victoria Williams said...

So I know you're having thyroid surgery. I hope it all goes well. Looking forward to hearing about running water soon!!!!!! Merry Christmas to you and your family.