Sunday, November 20, 2016

Tis the Season

It always seems that Halloween ushers in a flurry of activity that lasts through the end of the year.  It has been no different this year, although I think we had a single week with nothing happening after school except for music lessons.

Last week, L began having Basketball practice 2 nights a week, but they begin right after school, so I only have to drive out once to pick her up.  Last weekend, we also attended a presentation of "Little Shop of Horrors" in one of the neighboring cities.  (It was fun, but the venue was not great and we didn't get good views of the stage.)  The following day, we had Mom & Dad over for a meal (homemade pasta, turkey meatballs and sauce) with cake and ice cream for dessert for Mom's birthday.

Yesterday was J's 14th birthday.  She was not feeling well - and has actually been somewhat under the weather all week.  She rose to the occasion, however, and managed to enjoy a tiny slice of cake and opening her presents when Mom & Dad came to join us after dinner.

Next week we will be celebrating Thanksgiving, and since JP is on call, we will be staying home and feasting with Mom & Dad.  Hopefully we will be able to meet some old friends for a meal later in the week as well. 

The Monday after Thanksgiving is the first day of Rifle Season in our neck of the woods, and I feel woefully under prepared for hunting anything this year. 

I just received notice that we were approved to hold L's Birthday party at the HS pool on December 10th, which is really just around the corner.

That will be followed by my thyroid surgery, which is scheduled for Dec. 22nd, and will involve an over night Hospital stay.  At that point I will need to be completely ready for Christmas, and L's REAL birthday (Dec. 27th), since it will literally be hours away from my discharge.


In the meantime, we are still having to haul all of the water that we use, as we have not had any progress on our new well yet, although the "PA One Call" folks were out to mark the buried electrical and telephone lines.  I spent 4 hours doing it on Friday, when the weather was a lovely 70* and sunny.

Today it looks like this outside, and we received an estimate for the well (which is higher than my guesstimate that I was HOPING was high, and does not include the actual pump.)  Good news though - he may begin work next week.

It's November 20th, and I'm already stressing about the Holidays.  Sheesh.  I think it's time for a cup of tea!

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