Monday, November 28, 2016

Hunting Season

The girls had no school today in honor of the first day of rifle season in Pennsylvania.  JP, my dad, and I all sat out for varying amounts of time.  The first week of deer season in our area is buck only, and none of us saw any eligible males!

This guy was hanging around the girls' swing last week, but I never saw him before or after.

I sat in the tree house this morning, and watched the sun come up.

Lizzie joined me after awhile, as she typically does.

This afternoon, I sat out in the old chicken barge, so that I could scan the woods to the east.  It didn't prove to be an advantageous position either.

J went to a movie with friends on Wednesday night, we had a nice Thanksgiving dinner with my parents on Thursday, met up with old friends for Mexican food on Saturday, and had our honorary 3rd daughter, C, out on Sunday.  Our break was packed with comings and goings.

Tomorrow we are going back to school and work after a marvelous 5 1/2 days off.  That thought  makes me want to be independently wealthy so that I can have a manservant and lounge around all day (I have been reading the "Jeeves" books by P.G. Wodehouse.) 

Seeing as I fill the shoes of manservant the best around here, I guess I should get off my butt and pack some lunches for tomorrow.

I hope that your Thanksgiving breaks were equally lovely!


Anonymous said...

I was wondering how the opening day of deer season was for you! Too bad the big guy didn't show up on opening day...Greg thinks they know ;) Greg went out behind our house but only saw doe far away and running. Love ya! Andrea : )

Country Girl said...

I too think they know. He was just up here taunting me last week!

Victoria Williams said...

I can sooo relate to your wishing for a manservant daydream. I was reading some Oscar Wilde detective novels by Gyles Brandreth, Wilde lived such a decadent sounding life. I thought, just once, I'd love to go to a nice restaurant and order the best wine and nicest food without worrying about the cost. And treating my family. Oh well. Dreams. Back to reality. But it's OK to dream, right?