Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Deep Subjects

We are no longer getting any water from our well.  We think that the pump is burned out - probably from trying to run when there is consistently little water to pump.  In any case, we are needing to haul water more frequently than in the past.  I discovered this issue a week ago when the cistern was frighteningly low.  Long story short:  we have a well driller coming this weekend to start the process of digging a new well.

We have also had consistent vehicle issues, which is driving me crazy.  I have spent one or more days every week for the past 4 weeks at one or more auto repair shop.

Ole Bessie:

Key wouldn't turn in ignition & eventually got stuck.  Dad took it apart and suggested ordering new lock cylinder.  When parts arrived from Ford, Dad discovered more bad parts.  Called AAA and towed to Ford Service Department.  This is bad news cuz she's our water haulin' truck!  Due back this weekend.

JP's old Pickup, "Monty":

This one just sits under the lean-to most of the time, but I had to jump it to start it to take it in for state inspection last week.  The guy doing the inspection had to jump it to get it into and then out of the garage.   I returned the battery (just over a year old) to Autozone yesterday, and they read it as still "good", but replaced it anyway as it was still under warranty.  With the new battery, it started right up, and I drove it to Autozone to check the alternator & starter, and they both read as "pass."  Guess this one is fixed for now.  Good thing too, cuz this is now our water haulin' truck with a trailer in tow.

Electra the 2 year old Subaru:

L broke the glove box out of the car last summer while throwing a temper tantrum.  Gorilla glue held for almost 4 months.  Ordered new glove box last week.  Installed yesterday, but still not staying in place.  Took car back to Subaru place today, where it took 2 specialists to discover that she also broke the part of the dash that the glove box connects to.  Ordered more parts.

Minivan "Rhonda":

JP walked into the house last night holding the handle from one of the sliding doors.  I called Toyota to order new parts.  They suggested that I bring it in to find out if any parts inside the door need to be replaced.  I guess that's my Friday outing.

All this is getting mighty expensive.  Let's hope that the current round of repairs lasts for awhile and that we can get a new well drilled and operational in short order!

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