Sunday, October 16, 2016

Quarter Century

The girls and I have recently returned home from a road trip.  We left right after school on Friday, and drove down to VA for my 25th college reunion.

We had a really fun and busy weekend!

We stayed with JP's cousins, who hosted one of their sisters & her husband, as well as JP's sister & brother-in-law, along with us for a delicious breakfast on Saturday morning.

Afterwards, the girls headed off with their Aunt and Uncle to the Book Fair, which was a place that JP and I enjoyed going once a month to stock up on books.  While they were otherwise entertained, I drove the couple of miles to my Alma Mater, and met with the other 10 people who showed up from my graduating class of 1991.

After lunch in the cafeteria (which hasn't changed much), the girls and I met up again with my sister-in-law and niece to walk in a nearby park for an hour or so.

We returned to the school in time for the women's soccer game, in which 3 of my classmates had daughters playing!  We managed to find a food truck from our favorite ice cream joint in the parking lot, so we could eat our Kline's ice cream during the game.  I also got to hang with our Loyal Royal mascot, Herm, for a couple of minutes.

After the game, we went to one of my friend's homes to continue catching up.  It was SO MUCH FUN!  J had a hard time believing that all these women were part of "my squad."  I think it's because sadly, I don't have many friends that I hang with anymore.  She was also astounded when I said that college was a lot of fun.  "I thought it would be a lot of work, "  she said.  I assured her that we put the work in too, but living with your friends 24/7 had a lot of positives, along with just a couple of negatives.

My "Squad" (along with a little photo bomber in the upper left!) 
This morning we drove back to our corner of PA, and have spent the afternoon catching up on laundry and homework.

My mom & I went to the orchard last week, and came home with 2 bushels of apples of 4 different varieties, so it's time to make my Special Ingredient Apple Sauce tomorrow.  Sigh...the weekend flew by way too fast!


Kimberly Long Cockroft said...

How fun! That's fantastic!

Victoria Williams said...

That's so nice, reconnecting with good friends.