Friday, September 9, 2016

Poison Ivy

You're gonna need an ocean
Of calamine lotion
You'll be scratching like a hound
The minute you start to mess around
- The Coasters

This summer has been the Poison Ivy Summer.  Personally, I've had one worse Poison Ivy Summer - back in 1997.  JP and I discovered that the "hedge" growing around our yard was actually poison ivy.  After I made the discovery, and avoided it like the plague, I continued to break out with it for more than a month, and puffed up on the steroids so that I didn't fit so well in the bridesmaid's dress for my brother's wedding.  JP eventually suited up in his Haz-Mat suit, cut it all down and stuffed it into garbage bags.  I finally deduced that it was our little dog that kept re-infecting me.  He got more baths that summer than he thought he could survive!

This year, I discovered the poison ivy remnants in the wood chips that I spread all over the garden.  I have since finished that project, and washed anything that I used out there.  My reaction only lasted a couple of weeks.

Poor L woke up with a high fever on Monday morning.  As the day wore on, we also discovered that she broke out with a poison ivy rash on one leg.  She stayed home from school on Tuesday to recover and scratch.  At this point, she has a good sized patch of poison on the first leg, as well as individual bumps for about 6-8 inches above and below the patch.  The other leg has all the bumps...MORE of them even!  Last night, she started breaking out with 2 patches on her face and one behind her ear.  She is MISERABLE!

JP started her on steroids this AM, and I've been treating with topical steroids and Domeboro solution.   I'm pretty sure that she picked this up at the soccer field, as I saw a huge patch of poison ivy down there near where I park the car.   So last night I went out with the Chlorox wipes and wiped down every interior surface of the car that I possibly could, I also washed the covers to the folding chairs (that have been riding around in the back of the car with L's soccer ball for the last couple of weeks.)  I've washed her ball and her cleats twice now.

This morning I went back out and wiped all the door handles, and then came in and wiped the backs and seats of all the chairs.  I hope that I've removed all traces of the remaining oil by now.  I do know that I'm feeling rather itchy...

Leaves of three...leave them be!!

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Victoria Williams said...

Oh gees. Poison ivy. I've been soooooooooooo lucky to have never contacted it. My ex did, multiple times. He was miserable.