Sunday, August 14, 2016


We have a few long range planting projects on going at the moment.  Some are doing much better than others.

The ground cover that I planted behind the pool is finally doing what I'd hoped - keeping the bank from eroding. 

My moss "garden" continues to spread, I even added another stepping stone this year.  It too is working as planned - to add color and interest to the entrance of the house.

We planted clover after moving the chicken run, and it is coming in well.  We will move them back in the spring, and re-plant THAT area in clover too.

I found a volunteer pumpkin plant in the old chicken run.  It has 4 or 5 decent sized pumpkins on it!

We are trying a new method for growing potatoes this year.  I made a bag out of landscape fabric, and planted potatoes.  As they grow, we continue to add soil, so the plants get taller, and supposedly grow more potatoes.  At the end of the season, JP plans to scoop up the entire bag with the tractor, where we can cut the bag and easily harvest taters.  We had to put the fence around it, as the kitties thought it made an awesome litter box too. 

JP wanted to plant a wildflower bed down near the bees.  He researched on line, and bought a mix that was supposed to be indigenous to SW Pennsylvania, and resistant to deer.  There are finally a couple of flowers blooming there, but it appears to have come up mostly grass.  Also, the deer have been eating off some of the flowers.  Grrr.

I finished with the wood chips on the garden path several weeks ago.  It doesn't look much different since the last pictures that I posted, but I did mow the remaining grassy areas last weekend, and it only took 5 minutes (vs. the 40 it has taken in the past.)

We began another project this evening - JP pierced L's ears.  She has been working up the nerve to do it since December.  She won't let me take a picture this evening, so I'll have to post a sparkly picture later.

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Victoria Williams said...

Volunteer pumpkins, nice! Moss is such a great look. Nice job.