Sunday, July 31, 2016

This Week on the Farm

Last weekend, I pretty much finished up putting wood chips on the garden paths.  A very small pile remains, but I've run out of landscape fabric.  Almost everything got covered that I hoped to cover, so I'm happy.  I even re-seeded the lawn where the big pile of wood chips killed off the grass.  It has been rainy enough this week, that it is already starting to grow!
I didn't spend much time in the garden this myself a break (even though there is still plenty to be done in there!)  Instead, I worked in my flower garden.  I got everything weeded and dead-headed.  I also thinned out some of the plants, and transplanted my yellow rose bush.  I even started to mulch in there, and was able to set out 2 of my newly painted piggies.

I also dug up the grass around the lamp post, and re-stacked the rocks around it...looks much better.

I do have to go down to the garden every couple of days because the tomatoes are going crazy!

There are hundreds of tomatoes hanging on the vines, and some of them are HUGE!
Everything else is doing well too.  L's cantaloupes have about 7 good sized melons growing, the first planting of corn is beginning to tassel, and the portulacas that I planted in the upper tier of the strawberries are blooming.

 I went over to pick Mom's tomatoes too, and noticed that they have some grapes on their grapevines!

This weekend, we also managed to mow in the chicken run before it let loose and poured almost an inch and a half of rain on the ridge!  (No rain on "Rain Day", the day before, it was the one dry day this week!)

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Victoria Williams said...

Your garden looks great! We were able to pick some large tomatoes out of our cold frame before we moved. We're hoping the new owners appreciate all the tomato plants we left for them.