Monday, July 18, 2016

Kitty Komfort

Cats seem to be bred for being 2 things:  1) Creatures of Comfort - they seem to gravitate to the best chairs, lovely shady spots, and other comfy areas, where they spend infinite hours dozing, and 2) Cold Blooded Killers - if you've ever watched cats stake out a bird feeder, or be the recipients of their "gifts" of dead rodents on your doorstep, you'll know what I mean.

In the past couple of days, I've noticed our two kitties in some unusual spots - not unusual for cats, but simply that I haven't seen them there before.  They used to doze all summer long in the shade of my flower garden, but they also used to use my mulch in there for a litter box...ew.  Now that they have been banished from the flower bed through the use of much chicken wire, they need to find new resting spots, I suppose.

During the winter, they soak up the heat in first the Kitty Kastle, and now the Kitty Kooler.  They are almost always close to the house during the day, but during the long summer days, they can be hard to find.  This has made me a bit frustrated lately, as I have been trying to take Lizzie to the vaccination clinic at Tractor Supply for a rabies shot for 2 months.  She is never around on Saturdays between 1 and 2:30.  That may be why I was surprised to see her in the garden with me this morning!

Soaking up the sun on the picnic table on our veranda
 - notice that they are both snuggled up to the
pillow and hammock!

Lizzie was sleeping in the carrots but came
out as soon as she saw me with the camera!

She was sleeping amongst the tomatoes as well.
Last night I caught Ernie curled up in the hay mow in the barn!

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