Friday, July 22, 2016


I went out early to work in the garden this morning.  With the thermometer hovering around 90* these days, I did not want to be out there once the sun was up and blaring.  I SO want to be finished with this wood chips on the garden paths project, it is so much more huge than I anticipated!

2 weeks ago, JP used the tractor to transfer about 2/3 of the remaining pile of wood chips inside of the garden fence, which has made it infinitely easier to transport it to the paths.  This morning, I was nearing the very bottom of this inside-the-garden pile, and as I scooped up a pitchfork full, this guy appeared:

Interestingly, I was listening at the time to an "Invisibilia" podcast called "Fearless", which was discussing the way that snakes move.  It's very interesting, if you have time to take a listen.

Gingerly, I tried to pick him up with the tines of my pitchfork to remove him from the immediate area I was working in.  He slithered through the fence, and up the hill towards my flower beds, and I was a bit shocked to see how big he was - probably 3 1/2 or 4 feet long!

I also noticed (after blowing up the picture) that he appears to have recently eaten.

Before heading in for breakfast and a shower this morning, I managed to pick these lovely fruits from the garden.

Snakes and fruit in the garden...sounds somewhat like a Bible story that I heard somewhere...

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Victoria Williams said...

Great post! Nice harvest! My husband would have had a heart attack to see that big a snake so close. I might have too. ;-)