Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Summer Starts Here

The girls' last day of school was on Friday last week.  JP took off work for the long Memorial day weekend, plus Tues. & Wed., so we've been too busy to blog about it!  Tomorrow is back to work for he and I, and it will be CRAZY!

For the past few years, the girls have ridden the bus on the last day of school to our friends' house, along with a lot of other friends. 

 We have ice cream and pizza for them, and lots of water toys - squirters, water balloons, etc.  Usually the boys gang up on J, who is completely drenched by lunchtime.

I've been hanging my clothes on the line in the sunshine again, which I love.  I thought the juxtaposition of J's t-shirts was interesting:  they showcase her eclectic musical tastes.

I turned this upside down to be easier to read,
but it just looks weird!
Tonight we took the cover off of the pool, so that I can order a truck of water and start putting chemicals in to get ready for swimming season.  These 2 little frogs have been living in the fetid water on top of the pool cover for the past couple of weeks.  They have been singing their hearts out after dark.  The girls have named them Merry & Pippin, and we plan to relocate them to the spring down the hill tomorrow.

On Friday, the girls and I will venture north to do some summer clothes shopping, and go to an appointment. 

Those are the immediate plans and activities of Summer 2016, what's happening in your neck of the woods?

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