Monday, June 13, 2016

Open Season

We were finally able to get into the pool this afternoon!

It has been a long and frustrating journey to get to this point.  We all worked together and got the cover off the pool right after Labor Day.  It took us until the first Saturday in June to get a water truck out to deliver around 3,500 gallons of water to fill up the pool.  I had the pump, filter and chlorinator hooked up and ready to turn on right away, and had been up to the city the day before to buy a mineral filter for the chlorinator.

Soon after the pool was filled, I noticed a connecting hose leaking, and then it blew out right in front of me!  We had to go back up to the city to buy new hoses the following day.

The opening package of chemicals from Amazon was delayed until Tuesday, so started up the pump then, and realized that I had a major leak from the chlorinator.  It appears that I lost an O ring when closing up the pool last fall.

After yet another trip up to the city last Friday for the O ring, I filled the filter with diatomaceous earth, and set about dumping in the chemicals.  Things really didn't clear up right away like they have done in the past, and the following day, when I usually have sky-high chlorine levels, they were normal.

In the meantime, I have relocated 11 tiny frogs from the pool to the creek down at the bottom of the hill.  I think I have finally captured them all, as I haven't seen or heard one for the past 3 nights.

I have continued to fiddle with the chemicals, but the chlorine level remains low.  I vacuumed the entire pool, and scrubbed down the sides on Saturday, and we put the steps in on Sunday evening.

This afternoon, the water finally looked crystal clear, and although the chlorine level was still lower than normal, the girls and I jumped in.

Hip hip hooray - summer is actually here!

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