Tuesday, May 31, 2016

What's Growing on the Ridge

Just pictures today, from the flower beds:

3 different peonies this year!


Lupine from my friend M's garden

This is a new one for an outside pot this year:  Osteospermum, Spider White.  Isn't it fun?

This lovely little rose smells gorgeous as well.  It is from my friend K's garden.

And from the vegetable garden:
A serpentine asparagus.
Today I brought in a pound of asparagus, a quart of sugar snap peas, and over a gallon of strawberries!
From the neighbor's field, JP & I hauled 2 tractor loads of fresh hay to use in the chicken house.
Planning for new growing things - we replanted the old chicken yard with clover.

While I was outside working this morning, Kali licked the whipped cream off the end of my refrigerator cake that I forgot to stick in the refrigerator.  Bad Dog!

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