Monday, April 11, 2016

You Put the Lyme in the Coconut & Drink it All Up!

The girls had a 2 hour delay this morning, as the teachers had In-Service meetings.  Unfortunately, they didn't get the chance to sleep in or take it easy at all.  J had an appointment with the Pediatric Rheumatologist regarding her JIA up in the city at 9:30, and I wanted to give us 2 hours to get there as we would be hitting the tail end of rush hour traffic.  L had to catch the bus, which comes here more than 1 1/2 hours before the start of school.

You would have thought that I had masterminded this evil plot to get L on the bus against her will this morning, by the way she was behaving.  I must have heard "It's not FAIR!" at least half a dozen times before I left.  My mother, who was the lucky one who got to actually get her to the bus, told me that L was quite pleasant the entire time she was there this morning, so apparently she had an attitude adjustment after I left!

J and I had an uneventful trip up to Children's Hospital.  Apparently the GPS in the Subaru actually routes you around the worst of the traffic, so we had only about 15 minutes of stop-and-go.  We were listening to "Snap Judgement" podcasts, so it was not an unpleasant ride.

We saw a new Rheumatologist this time, since it has been more than 3 years since we've been there and J has been in remission that whole time.  This Dr. remarked that viral illnesses can cause flares sometimes in kids with JIA.  J has missed 7 days of school since Feb for GI viruses, so I guess that correlates.  She did say that it is a bit unusual to have random joint pain or stiffness that comes and goes with JIA, so if she would have another episode of joint pain/swelling, she would want to get a Lyme titer right away to rule out Lyme Disease.  That was interesting to hear, as her Lyme titer was questionable when she was first diagnosed back in 2010.

J and I stopped briefly at Krispy Kreme for donuts and coffee on our way back to town.  The excuse from Children's stated that she could "return to school/work on 4/12/2016."  She was hopeful for a minute that she could stay home the remainder of the day, and I almost caved as both girls are just about BURNT OUT with school at this point, but I dutifully dropped her off at the Middle School, a mere 1 1/2 hours late for school.

Well, I feel a bit relieved.  It is not a trip that I like to make on a regular basis, and I don't ever want to see J in the continual distress that she was in was she was first diagnosed.  The Dr. says that she has a 40% chance of outgrowing the arthritis eventually.  Perhaps we are already there and I just panicked a bit when I saw her swollen knee.

The house was cold when I returned home.  I have started a fire, and I've been trying to ignore the nagging gastric discomfort that started on the drive to the city.  I guess I should just give up and take some Zantac and try to relax.

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