Friday, April 1, 2016

Today is a Gift, That is Why it is Called "The Present"

I had no patients scheduled yesterday, which is unusual as of late.  My day off was a true gift!  I had been getting a bit irritable about not getting things done at home, what with Easter and excessive cooking on Sunday. The girls' last day of Spring Break was on Monday, and we went shopping for fabric for J's Home Ec. project, I also had double Library meetings that evening, for which I had double minutes to type up.  Tuesday, I had a fairly busy work schedule.  Wednesday was chock full of errands.  Plus I've been trying to get out into the garden to do some broad forking whenever I can.

Yesterday I had the chance to finish all those little projects that I hadn't been able to get to all week, as well as pay the bills and walk around, enjoying the spring flowers outside.

It seems like everything is blooming at once!

One hive of bees have been out and about!

Bleeding Hearts

Apricot in orchard
Peach Tree in orchard
Weeping Cherry
Pears along the drive

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