Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Where's the Bear? #64 (AKA "February Has Struck")

I looked all over for the Bear this afternoon, and finally found him in the closet, in the dark, with a blanket over his head.

I think that I would prefer to be in his position as well, right about now.

February, the vilest of months, has hit, and hit HARD this week.

For a while there, I thought that this year I might just breeze through February, without any Seasonal Affective Disorder or whatever name you want to give to the feeling of desperation and utter despair that I seem to become afflicted with in the depths of winter each year.  Perhaps my hopes were buoyed by the deceptive nature of the Groundhog this year, and the lovely weather for the past couple of weekends.

Ugh.  I would love to see Spring.  I would dearly love to see some friendly and cheerful adults, (besides JP, who is also despairing at the moment - due to the rigors of switching Electronic Medical Records at work, not because of lingering winter.)  I would love to stay under the covers in my bed and binge watch "Sherlock" all day long.  Unfortunately, I have watched all of the available episodes, so that dream is already shattered.

Last night I was ready to tender my resignation in the position of "Mother" and re-locate to a sunny island where no one under the age of 24 is allowed.  We kissed and made up, and we all promised to be nicer to each other, so I am back on the job today.

Good thing too, as there was a 2 hour delay because of snow today, and the girls needed a ride to school!  Traditionally, I make breakfast on delay mornings.  Today I put cinnamon roll dough in the waffle maker.  It was good, but not great, especially considering that I had to scrub the waffle maker with a toothbrush to clean it afterwards.  Live and learn.

In an attempt to improve my mood, I just called the power company and requested a FREE truck load of wood chips when they are here in the near future.  It would be nice to completely cover the pathways in my garden, so that I don't have to mow in there.  I also followed all of the steps from Amazon to receive a FREE pair of cultured pearl stud earrings.  Lastly, I activated my PBS Passport account, that is supposed to allow me access to "several hundred hours of content" to stream for FREE (as long as I maintain my membership with the local PBS station.)

All this FREE stuff should be making me feel better, AND there is a long weekend on the horizon, but I am unmoved.  Alas, my calendar shows another 39 days until Spring!


Anonymous said...

Oh, poooor bear. How well do I remember the despair of those PA Februarys. I wish you could visit us now--bulbs and trees think it's spring here already (we're on the cusp, anyway). In the meanwhile, I would like to recommend a ridiculous series to you that makes you think you're living by the sea (Cedar Cove). It's so silly. Your opinion of me will likely tank. But it's set in a such a pretty place (filmed in an endless Vancouver Island summer).

Wish I could cheer you with a hot cup of tea!


ERK said...

I think that Bear is just doiing what bears do. He is hibernating!

Victoria Williams said...

Hang in there! We have snowdrops blooming in our garden. Spring is on the way. Sounds as if you were VERY productive!