Sunday, January 24, 2016

Looks Like Winter

Believe it or not, the winter storm that blew through the Mid-Atlantic states this weekend was named "Jonas."  I was a bit panicky on Friday, with the memories of the "Snowmageddon" event of 2010 fresh in my mind.  (To read about our adventures during Snowmageddon, click here.)  This snow was so much lighter and drier than in the past, that it did not stick to the trees and power lines, and we never lost power, heat or running water up here on the hill.

We did get snowed in, however, and although we have equipment to clear our 1/4 mile driveway, when there is this much snow, the difficulty is finding a place to go with it!  I measured 13" one place, and 15" another place, so all told we got over a foot of snow.

I went outside to look around yesterday afternoon.  The skies were grey and the snow continued to fall.  I walked to my parents' house, and it was so much work just picking up my heavy boots and marching over there through all that snow!

The stakes are marking the edge of the driveway.
Lots of drifting create odd shapes and patterns.
For my Birthday on Friday, I received a coloring book and amazing colored pencils.  While the snow was falling yesterday, the girls and I spent some time listening to Disney songs and coloring.  It was amazingly relaxing!

Notice I have to use the cheater glasses to see the tiny details here!
Dad has apparently been dreaming of summer.  I found this chair that he built in the woodshop, and another one in pieces.

L and I tried going sledding yesterday, but the snow was so light and deep, that our inner tubes just kept getting buried.  Today JP cleared a sledding path by running the ATV up and down the hill several times.  It worked great!  The difficult part was walking back up the hill.  I figure that I got a pretty good workout today just walking up the hill 2 dozen times wearing heavy snow gear!

At the bottom of the hill, our 2 beehives are halfway buried.  I put my ear to them, and could hear a muted humming coming from inside, so it appears that the bees are well and staying warm.

Today the sun is shining and the snow is sparkling and clean.  If it wasn't such a pain to dig out after a snow storm, I might enjoy them a bit more.

This picture doesn't do it justice, but the snow was
 absolutely dazzling in the sunshine!

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