Sunday, December 27, 2015

Sunday Muddy Sunday

Today was Miss L's 10th Birthday.  We decided to take a trip up North to Barnes & Noble for some post-Holiday using of gift cards, since it is another rainy day.

We have gotten over 2 1/2 inches of rain in the past week.  Just think how much snow we would have now if it was only cold outside!  Instead, everything is just soggy and muddy.

I noticed this morning that my Hellebores are blooming already!  They look lovely, and it's a nice change from the mud and dead leaves every where else.

JP made Swedish pancakes for breakfast, which is one of our favorite special breakfasts.  I have not eaten anything substantial since Christmas dinner, due to tummy issues.  It is keeping me from snacking on various Christmas cookies, candies and other treats lying about the house, but it isn't much fun.

L chose to go to her favorite Chinese restaurant for dinner.  She got the buffet, but I settled for a bowl of white rice and some wonton soup.

Isn't she lovely?

She chose a Tres Leches Cake for her Birthday, and got to open more gifts.  She is contemplating getting her ears pierced, and received several pairs of earrings recently, but is still a bit scared of the process.

I am ready to be done celebrating for the year.  Poor L has her birthday at the tail end of the season, where everyone is getting burnt out.  I hope she had a special day anyway.


Anonymous said...

Yay! Hppy B-day, L! I can't believe you girls are 10 already!

Sorry about your bad tum. That is so sad over the holidays. But your hellebore is dazzling!

Victoria Williams said...

Cute! I like that she's still nervous about having her ears pierced. Hope you're feeling better.