Thursday, December 24, 2015

El Nino

It was gorgeous outside today - 65 degrees and sunny on Christmas Eve.  This is El Nino at work, I suppose.  Per Wikipedia:  In Spanish, the capitalized term "El Niño" refers to the Christ child, so named because the pool of warm water in the Pacific near South America is often at its warmest around Christmas.

I took a ride on the ATV, let J's rabbit out to run, and spent some time watching the chickens out in the fresh air.  It appears that one of our hens feels somewhat rooster-ish, she was mounting another hen!  (Never saw that before.)

We let the girls open a Christmas present a day early, a collection of all 8 Harry Potter movies on Blu Ray.  (My excellent Cyber Monday find on Amazon, a $65 savings!)  We have been binge watching HP since.

I baked another Pumpkin Cheesecake (wink, wink - made with sweet potatoes) since it was such a hit at Thanksgiving.  L didn't care for it once she knew it was made with sweet potatoes, which is why this one is a Pumpkin cheesecake (wink, wink.) 

JP mixed up a bunch of no-knead bread dough for tomorrow, and the tenderloin has been trimmed, tied, and seasoned. 

We are all ready and waiting for Christmas. 

Merry, Merry!

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