Monday, November 9, 2015

Things You Don't See Every Day Take 3

Partridges in Pennsylvania?
Wikipedia says they are indigenous to Europe, Asia, Africa & the Middle East!

Skeletons in the back seat.

Redneck Leaf Rides

Kitties in a Kooler
So, just a jumble of thoughts today:

I saw a partridge cross the road on my way to PT on Friday morning...had to Google "game birds" to figure out what it was!

We had a pleasant weekend.  L and I checked out the annual craft fair at the Elementary School.  We also dropped off my mini skeleton, Freddy Jones-Bones, at Mrs. M's house.  Being the illustrious Kindergarten teacher that she is, she is doing human science this week using props!

JP mowed for what he HOPES is the last time this year, and blew all the leaves on to several piles in the process.  We gathered these up for the garden, and all of us took rides in the bucket of the tractor!

We decided to tear down the incredibly messy Kitty Kastle made of straw bales this Fall.  JP made the kitties a new warm spot in a cooler.  There is a swinging cat door at the end to the left, and the "picture window" has 2 layers of plexiglass for when it's really cold.  There's also an electric warming pad inside.  They seem to like it!

We have a 4 day school week next week for Veteran's Day...hooray!

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