Friday, October 30, 2015

Monkey Ball Hunting

On my way home from PT today, I drove a loop over winding country roads looking for the fruit of Osage Orange trees.  I guess they would technically be called Osage Oranges, but some people call them "Hedge Apples", and around here they are affectionately called "Monkey Balls."

There is an old wives' tale that these sticky fruit can help keep insects away.  I figured that it couldn't hurt to put a few around the house this Fall, so I went out on a Monkey Ball hunt this morning.  I put a couple in the tree house, below the deck, and in the window well outside the girls' room.

While I was at it, I put away more of the pool things in the barn, cleaned up piles of leaves in front of the garage and along the chicken fence, put fencing around my evergreens to protect them from deer during the winter, brought all of the pigs in from my flower beds, and pulled the remaining corn and tomatoes from the garden.

Um...I might have overdone it.  My back is hurting this evening.  I think I'll go sit on a heating pad.

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