Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Week 1 is Done

We are well into our second week of school by now, and nobody is happy.

L is in a class with a teacher that was not her first choice, and with only one out of her group of girlfriends.  She is also disappointed that recess does not happen until the very end of the day.  Every day, she scowls and grumbles.

J has Jr. High soccer practice for 2 hours every night, and over an hour of Algebra homework as well.  I have been picking her up from school, so that she has 45 minutes more to do homework than if she would ride the bus home.  She comes home from practice at 8 PM, sweaty, exhausted & ravenous, and sometimes has more homework to do before a shower and bed.  She spends most of her life in a state of semi-consciousness.

This afternoon, we were asked to come to the Library for newspaper pictures.  Both girls were among the top readers in the Summer Reading Club.  J racked up over 42 hours of reading in the 6 weeks of SRC, and L read more than 36 hours.

At this point in life, I am extremely grateful that we had such a low key and laid back summer.  It allowed our minds and bodies to rest before the upheaval of school and Fall sports.  I only heard the girls complain a time or two that they were bored.  They read A LOT.  We got in the pool almost every day.  We made some day trips and did some fun things - nothing huge or glamorous.  It has been lazy and unstructured because of JP's continued eye issues and forced activity restrictions for the past 2 months.  We all slowed down.  Perfect.

And now for some REALLY good news:  JP was released from all activity restrictions as of last week.  Hooray!

Now we are sweating and math-ing and reading and grouching through another week, and looking forward to a 3 day weekend.  We'll need the extra break - J has her first soccer game the following week, and L will return to piano lessons.  (We've decided to wait to add on guitar lessons until soccer is over with in October, as we might be able to squeeze a lesson in weekly, but not daily practice time.)

Welcome to Fall!

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