Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Stress Relief

Do you know that feeling when you finally get rid of a bunch of things that have been worrying you - like you've just slid off a backpack weighing about 200 pounds?  That's sorta how I'm feeling today, or WOULD be feeling if I wasn't so exhausted.

For the past 2-3 weeks, a rather nasty cold has been circulating through our family, thanks to Miss J, who brought it home from school.  The primary symptoms are sore throat, congestion and cough, along with a general sense of wanting to stay under the covers and moan when the alarm goes off each morning.

I was lucky enough to be the last person affected, and for some reason, it is lingering.  I have been up every night for the past week sitting/napping in the recliner, because the cough is less persistent in that position.  It makes for a sore neck and excessive irritability.

Thankfully though, the other couple things that have been stressing me lately sort of dissipated this week, so now I feel light as a (lead) feather.

Last week I was approached by my Supervisor with the offer of a position with another local practice.  I was reluctant to jump on this because the Powers-That-Be recently told JP that they were working on ways that I could help out more at his office, and I am wary of getting in over my head.  I did agree to meet with the Dr. on Monday.  It ended up being the most awkward interview I have ever been at in my life - after being kept waiting for over 20 minutes in the office waiting room, I spent 5 minutes with the Dr.

I was informed afterwards that the chilly reception was due to a misunderstanding, but the interaction certainly made up my mind about whether or not I would want to work in that environment! issue gone.

For the past 2-3 weeks, I've been having numbness of my right hand and arm.  I was concerned that it was stemming from something in my neck, because of the positions that it happens in.  I finally had an appointment yesterday with the Physiatrist, who did EMGs (nerve conduction studies) in my arms.  He told me that it is coming from my neck, but there is no nerve damage.  He feels that there is likely compression at C6 in my neck, but that it should respond to Physical Therapy.  I was secretly worried that I would need to have neck surgery like my Mom, and the thought has been freaking me out.  Poof...another stress point vanished.

Today I am thrilled that I have nothing pressing to do except pay bills, do laundry, go grocery shopping, take L to the Dr., pick up J from school, and take her to soccer practice.  You know, all the regular stuff.  There is a slight possibility that I can slip a nap in there somewhere!

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