Thursday, July 23, 2015

Sizzling Summer Get-Away

We slipped a quick vacation in between JP's eye surgeries (literally) over the past few days.  He had additional cryosurgery last Thurs, and is scheduled for more tomorrow.  This is getting old, people.

We piled into the van and drove to Northern Virginia on Friday, and arrived in time to visit with family before the rehearsal dinner for JP's niece's wedding.  (We sort of missed the actual rehearsal, as it was on Thursday PM.) 

The next morning, the girls made their bouquets.

That evening, we got all dressed up for the wedding, at which the girls were flower girls.

The girls with their cousins.

The wedding itself was outside, and HOT, but only lasted about 20 minutes.  The reception was inside in an air conditioned area, and was super fun.  The girls danced it up with the bridesmaids.  JP and I even got out on the floor once.

After breakfast on Sunday, we drove to a Metro parking area, and rode the subway into Washington DC.  We had tickets to ride a trolley that had stops at various monuments around the city - we were supposed to be able to get on and off as we desired for the entire day, but it didn't really work out that well.  It was 101* out, and we wilted fast.

We popped into the Air and Space Museum briefly, but the rest of the world was there too, enjoying the free air conditioning.

After about 4 hours, we headed for the nearest subway station, and got the heck out of town!

We had planned to return to the city on Monday as well, but scrapped that idea due to continuing heat.  Instead, we headed to our old stomping grounds in Harrisonburg, VA.  We toured our college campus, ate at some of our favorite places, visited the cemetery where JP's parents are buried, ran into old friends, and visited with JP's cousins.  It was much cooler, and much less crowded than DC.

After spending a wee bit of time at Sparkling Springs, where as a child, JP used to spend summers with extended family, we headed home. 

These waters are said to have healing properties.
And it is fabulous to be back, let me assure you!

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