Thursday, July 30, 2015

Planting Weeds

As ludicrous as it sounds, that is exactly what I did this morning.  Even more horrific (BLUSH), I paid about $36 for those weed seeds!  I planted crown vetch on the hillside along our driveway.  We have tried multiple times to plant grass there, but it won't grow.   6 years have gone by, and now lots of other weeds (aka wild flowers) are growing on the banks, however, some bare areas still remain, and are eroding with rain and wind.  So despite the fact that I cringe to plant such noxious weeds purposely on my property, I did do my homework.  Crown vetch grows voraciously, but does not do well in the shade, so the woods should keep it from wandering too far off the banks.  There is already crown vetch that I did not plant growing in some places on the bank, which tells me that it should do well there.


So much for explaining my crazy behavior this morning.

There was a light rain the night we returned from our vacation last week, but it's been nothing but sunshine and humidity since then, in other words, typical Pennsylvania summer weather.  (We did get some rain early this morning too, about 5 or 6 hours too late for Rain Day.)  Consequently, I've been able to get some work done in the garden.

Our bumper crop of blueberries is over, so I was able to remove the bird netting and FINALLY mow around the bushes again.  I also picked beans for the first time.  I pulled out the Spring peas, and planted a Fall crop.  I'm up to my eyeballs in beautiful golden zucchinis and cucumbers.  Everything looks lovely.

On Monday, the girls and I went to Idlewild, our favorite amusement park.  We rode the spider first, and I got terribly queasy right off the bat...walked around positively green for a good hour and a half.  One nice thing about this park, is that it is in the woods - it is easy to find a shady spot, even on the sunniest of days.  We planned to head to the water park after lunch, but once we arrived there, the girls had a change of heart - they asked if we could go home and play in our own pool!

This afternoon we headed South to take in "Beauty & the Beast" the musical.  It was great fun, especially afterwards as we strolled up the street, eating ice cream.  We ran into some of the cast in their cut off shorts and tank tops, and thanked them for the nice performance.

JP had more cryosurgery this evening, and is currently in bed.  Each procedure has been bothering him more.  The other day, he asked me why I thought this was.  I told him that I figured it was because he had needles stuck in his eye approximately 20 times in the past 6 weeks, but who knows?

J made dinner tonight:  Bean and Corn Flautas.  They were delicious.

The sun is getting low, so I will go pick beans before nightfall.

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Victoria Williams said...

What a wonderful sounding day.