Friday, July 10, 2015

I Wish That I Had Duck Feet

The sun that was out for July 4th & 5th, disappeared quickly, and we've had nothing but wetness the rest of the week.  Monday the sky fell, the road and our field by the creek flooded, and we got a bit wet at the 4H picnic at the Fairgrounds.  Luckily, our homes on Poplar Ridge were fine, although our driveway was a bit washed out.

Today, our "free day" of the week, the girls and I hoped to go on an outing.  The forecast called for 0% chance of rain until 8 PM, but the skies were grey and a light rain was falling as we headed down the driveway this morning.  The girls were distressed, but we packed a lunch, and I grabbed our rain jackets on the way out, and decided to make the best of another wet day.

We went North to play a game of mini golf in the mist.  Surprisingly, we were the only ones there.  The fellow behind the counter, gave us a discount and a bag of candy each because of weather.  It was squishy on the course, but we had a good time any way.

After a quick detour to Target, we headed to our favorite park for a picnic lunch.  As we were carrying our lunch to a pavilion at Mingo, we noticed this snake in a tree.

It ends up that a gentleman had just finished up a presentation on snakes and turtles to the day campers there, and he was nice enough to show us his reptiles and talk to us about them.

L was determined to play in the creek, and as always, she got soaking wet.  We thought ahead, and brought extra clothes and a towel, so it was all good.

With a final stop at Rita's (for the girls) and Starbucks (for me), we headed back to Poplar Ridge, and arrived home just minutes before JP.

It might have been nice to have duck feet today, but we managed to have a fun day with our damp, human ones.

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