Sunday, June 7, 2015

Sunday Hike

It has been a very productive weekend!

While JP did his 4-6 hours of mowing on Saturday, the girls and I worked in the garden.  I had been out several times during the week, and got all of the raised beds worked and ready to plant...even got the second bed of potatoes planted and mulched.  On Saturday, we were able to plant 2 beds of beans, 2 1/2 beds of corn, and some baby broccoli, tomatoes and basil.  Everything that can be planted, is now planted...hooray!

We also worked together to move the fence around the chicken run in order to mow, and sectioned off an area for the pullets.  My Dad cut a door on the other side of the Chick-bit house for the pullets, and we let them out of door for the first time yesterday afternoon.  They are pretty skittish, and never get too far away from the door yet, but seem to enjoy pecking, scratching and stretching their wings.

While cleaning out the garage, JP discovered this bin of potatoes that I obviously forgot about over the winter.

Today we decided that we needed a day to play to make up for the all the hard work yesterday!  First we took a hike around the property on all of the paths that JP mowed.  Then we played 4 Square for awhile.

Jumping in the pool was so refreshing both yesterday and today when we were hot and tired!

How was your weekend?

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