Tuesday, June 30, 2015

No Whey

Things have been a little more weird than usual around here for the past week or so.  Tomorrow JP and I will be working for a different employer, as the sale of the Hospital is finalized at midnight tonight.  There have been copious forms to fill out, negotiations to make, meetings with the new administration to have, and we still need to get fingerprinted.  In the long run, it seems like this change will be great for the community, maybe not so great for the employees of the Hospital.

Add to this hot mess, the fact that JP started having visual issues last Monday evening, then drove himself an hour away to our old home place in WV on Tuesday for laser surgery for a retinal tear while I covered his office.  The symptoms worsened, and he was fast-laned to the Retinal Specialist just North of here last Friday.  There it was confirmed that the first laser surgery was for a fictitious "tear", but that he did indeed have a tear of the retina in a different area, as well as a partial retinal detachment.  He had cryosurgery, and pneumatic retinopexy (in which they inject a bubble of gas into the eye to hold the retina in place until it heals.)  Because of this, he has not been allowed to lie flat, bend over, or do any strenuous activity.

We all accompanied him even farther North for a follow up today, where he was given the good news that after tonight, he will be allowed to sleep lying flat in bed again. 

Since we both took the day off today, and since he still has vision issues, (as most of the lower visual field of his left eye is obscured by a bluish bubble,) he asked me to work yesterday.  My routine has been shot all to heck.

Add to this the fact that our deep freeze (filled with all of the berries and peas that I've been picking this summer, and some remaining veggies from last year) bit the dust on Friday.  We were pleasantly surprised that Lowe's delivered the new one on a Sunday afternoon, and less than 24 hours after we ordered it.

The frosting on the cake, however, is the fact that it rains. every. doggone. day.

Since JP is not allowed to use the riding mower (too much jostling and vibration), I have been trying to push mow just around the house in between rain showers.  It has taken me 3 days.

I have managed to accomplish a couple of things.  I scrounged up a carpet square that J will use for showing her rabbit at the Fair in about 5 weeks, and I made my weekly half gallon of Greek yogurt. 

I have been faithfully saving the whey left over from making said yogurt in the freezer for the past month.  JP found a recipe for making ricotta cheese that calls for at least 1-2 gallons of whey.  I have to say that I was skeptical that anything else worth eating would come out of this viscous yellow liquid, but I was game to try.  I followed the recipe to the "T", stirred and measured the temperature faithfully, but nothing happened.  Only then did JP research and find out that if the original cheese was made by heating the milk to >120*, you can't use that whey to make ricotta.  I heat the milk to 180* to make yogurt.

So there you have it.  It's been weird.  Whey weird.


Victoria Williams said...

That's a great post. Sounds like most people's complicated lives but it's good to read about it somewhere else. My son gets out of the hospital today, but he is 500 miles away. Two days ago we realized we have a sick hen. Prolapsed vent, we believe. So now we're dealing with that. :-(

Country Girl said...

So hard to have loved ones so far away, but glad your son is doing well. Best wishes for your hen. I need to post new pics of my pullets...they are getting BIG.