Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Gourmet Beetles

The rain continued through Saturday.  With no hope of doing any yard work on Saturday, due to perpetual precipitation and flash flood watches, we decided to go South to see "Inside Out."  There was apparently a power outage right at the end of the film, and we sat around in the semi-dark for awhile until they were able to restart it.

On Sunday, the sun finally came out.  The Japanese beetles also came out with the sun.  My sweet peas and weeping cherries were crawling with the suckers.  I happen to know that chickens are big fans of Japanese beetles, so I plucked them off of my plants by the dozens, and dropped them in a bucket half full of water.  By Monday evening, the hens had gobbled up several hundred beetles, and there no longer seem to be the hordes piling about.

While harvesting beetles, I noticed that my "little" oak tree, which is now 10 or 12 feet tall (do you remember helping me load and unload that tree from my mini van ladies?), is making tiny acorns for the first time.  It must be happy living on Poplar Ridge.

JP received a poolside basket ball hoop for Father's Day.  Due to dilution by rain water along with warm weather, the chlorine level in the pool got too low, and it turned slimy.  It has been duly shocked and cleaned, and should be ready for swimming by tomorrow.  Perhaps we can try the pool BBall this weekend.

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