Wednesday, May 6, 2015


I am working on my second mug of coffee this morning.  I have been awake since 4:30, anticipating the call from the Post Office that my peeps had arrived (they told me that their first truck arrives at 5 AM), and fretting that they wouldn't be alive by the time I got them.  I finally got the call at 6:30.  When I arrived at the Post Office, there was no one in sight, but I could hear the peeps cheeping from the front window!

They arrived in this tiny box, 13" x 9", all squished in the corner like 25 fluffy, yellow sardines.

The instructions said to dip each chick's beak in the water initially so that they could find the water.  Soon the little things were all drinking.

Before long, they were scampering around, eating and drinking.  All good signs for 2 day old chicks who have just made a long journey from Missouri via the US Postal Service!

They started eating the wood shavings, so I covered them with newspaper as per the instructions.

Now they are huddled up under the heat lamp, snoozing, just like any new babies!



Victoria Williams said...

Nice! I love new chicks. Are these layers or fryers?

Country Girl said...

They will be our new layers, and the old ladies will become our soup. Sounds a bit brutal, but that's one way we try to support ourselves up on our hill!