Monday, May 18, 2015

Open For Business

Last week we got the pool up and running...almost 3 full months ahead of when it happened last year.  We took a short dip on Saturday, but the water is still too cold to stay in for long!  We are looking forward to spending many hours in the pool this summer.

These peeps are morphing into the awkward pullet stage,
 where random feathers start growing any and everywhere!

We also opened up the other half of the Chick-bit house for the peeps this weekend.  They were outgrowing the watering trough we started them in.  They seem to be enjoying their new space, running and flying all around!

They can even see what's going on outside now!

I have spent a lot of time at the Elementary school lately, helping the PTA with Arts Day (all arts & crafts, all day long) and a final Scholastic Book Fair. 

I wish I would have had more time to spend in the garden!  I got the strawberries weeded and mulched.  There should be some ready to eat very soon!  I got the sweet potatoes, onions, and some of the cabbage family planted.  I am hoping to go out and get the tomatoes and peppers in the ground yet this afternoon!

We had a nice, steady rain for a short time on Saturday morning.  JP and I sat out on the veranda to watch it come down, and listen to the rain on the roof.

My peonies have started blooming!
Last night was L's piano recital, at which she performed very nicely.  I will try to put up a clip at some point.

We are headed into the last full week of school...whew!  These last few days are jam packed with lots of activities, and very little school work.  We are good and ready for summer to be here!  J asked if we were going to have "another boring summer where we sit around and do nothing the whole time?"  I reminded her that we spent 2 weeks in the Pacific Northwest last summer, and invited her to write me a list of things she would like to do.  I have yet to receive any list. 

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