Thursday, May 28, 2015

Beyond My Control

Everything has been so crazy around here lately with all of the last-minute school activities, that I feel like my phone is constantly alarming to remind me of the next thing I have to be at!  Although tomorrow is the last day of school, and they will only actually be there for 2 hours (basically just to get their report cards and get their schedules/teachers for next year,) the craziness won't stop there.  I have 2 doctor's appointments next week, along with the promise to keep a friend of the girls for 3 out of 5 days!


We had a lovely cook out with a bunch of our friends on Monday.  It was wonderful to have that break before diving into this week, in which I've had to schedule 2 "emergency" doctor appointments (1.  J, who has been getting a strange rash every time she is in the pool.  Verdict:  dunno, but don't worry about it from the Allergist.  2.  Stella, who has been limping every now and then for the past week.  Verdict:  dunno, but give her these expensive dog pills & call in 2 weeks.)

In the meantime, my hand has been bothering me more.  The discomfort has changed again, and now it is EXACTLY like what I had before surgery.  GRRRR!  I see the surgeon back next week.  Next week is June, and I STILL don't have my garden all the way planted!

I did, however, pick these lovely (and delicious) strawberries out there yesterday!

There have been some other odd occurrences around here lately as well.  Another tiny bird built a nest in my ficus outside of the garage.  It ended badly for the little bird family last year, so I did not have high hopes for this one either.  A couple of nights ago, I found Lizzie crouched beneath the ficus, licking her lips.  I removed her from the scene, but obviously she returned.  Only 1 baby remained the next day.  Mama bird never returned, so yesterday afternoon, I buried the tiny baby bird in my flower garden.

We have had daily (sometimes multiple times a day) sightings of a smallish, light brown dog around Poplar Ridge for the past week or so.  We chased it away the first day, but it continues to return.  It is eating the cat's food, and consequently freaking out the kitties.  I have been calling to it, and trying to catch it for the past 2 days, without success.  I feel terrible, because it is obviously hungry and has no where to go, but I also don't want it to scare my mousers or spread any diseases to my pets!  I called the Sherriff's office this morning for guidance, but had to leave a message.  Hopefully someone has some ideas for me!

So, we are riding the waves of crazy these days.  I'm feeling a bit seasick, and ready for the ride to end!  Enjoy your last few days of school!

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