Thursday, April 30, 2015


Lately I have been regretting that I ever had this surgery on my hand.  I assumed that I would bounce back quickly and without issues, and that hasn't proved to be the case.  My recovery has been very slow, and less than a week after I was given free reign to garden 2 handed, I had a major set back.  I went back to see my surgeon this week, and it seems that I have now developed tendonitis in a different part of my thumb.  There is a lump the size of a large blueberry in my palm that is exquisitely tender to touch...meaning that anything I hold in that hand causes pain.  Again.  He injected it with steroids, and promised that it should "feel pretty good" by the weekend.


I normally would be manically gardening by this point:  broad forking, digging, weeding, sweating, and loving every minute of it.  Of course, my hand would REALLLLLLY be hurting while I did all of that too.


After work today I decided to take the dogs for a walk since I missed exercising this morning.  I walked through the woods, and kept an eye out under the trees for morels (didn't see any!)  It was sprinkling when we got back, and let loose once the girls got off the school bus.

I may not be able to garden right now, but I can still appreciate what is growing!  The Redbud looks like a pink cloud through the trees.

The ferns are beginning to unfurl.

This striking Jack-in-the-Pulpit was growing on a path that JP routinely mows, so I moved it to my flower bed.  More and more of them come up every year!

My shade bed is extremely colorful right now, with 2 varieties of bleeding hearts, and Heuchera 'Tiramisu'.

This has been an extremely busy week, and luckily the girls have a half day tomorrow, so we can start our weekend early.  I am counting on the surgeon being correct about feeling pretty good, and have asked JP to get a truck load of mulch for the flower beds.  I regret not having done it already!

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Kimberly Long Cockroft said...

So sorry about your setback! I hope you can give yourself extra grace these days--there's plenty at Farmer's Market if you can't get everything planted. I know it's because you LOVE gardening that this is painful, though (not to mention the physical pain)! I hope things get better very, very soon. Meanwhile, I'm impressed with your fortitude in going on a walk and finding much beauty. The shade bed is gorgeous. I must buy a bleeding heart!