Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Rainy Day

I have an unexpected day off today, and it is pouring down rain outside.  I should take advantage of the weather to accomplish some things indoors that I meant to get done over the winter, like steam clean the downstairs carpets, paint the girls' bathroom, or paint the picnic tables so that they will be ready for summer use.

Instead I spent most of the morning finishing a book by the was cool enough this morning to warrant one.  I am gearing myself up for moving furniture and getting those carpets cleaned now, but first I wanted to post some more Spring pics!

I took these yesterday as a big storm was on its way in, as you can see by the dark sky.  L took the opportunity to play outside in the sprinkles and wind with her umbrella.

My orchard peach in full bloom!

The pears lining the drive...and the dead tractor -
been there for 3 weeks at least, on the "wait list"
for repairs!

Bleeding Hearts

Goldfinches...these little guys were really swaying
back & forth in the wind!

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