Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Green & Growing

I am SO excited about Spring this year!  Every little sprout and bud makes me want to dance and take pictures.  And so I have...LOTS of them!

Some of  my little seedlings...I think these are
broccoli, tomatoes and  okra.

The daffodils finally opened!

These buds are on a peach tree in my sad
little orchard.  We might get peaches this
year!  New trees are ordered and due any day.

The forsythia really took off after I put manure around it twice last year!

The weeping cherries are just beginning to
bloom.  They are gorgeous when they are
covered, and the bees LOVE them too!
The ornamental pears lining the drive are juuuuuuuust about ready to burst into bloom as well.

I am frustrated that I cannot do as much as I'd like in the garden and flower beds...still quite restricted with my left hand.  I see the surgeon back on Friday, so I'm hoping...

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